Sara Tomic

At only fifteen years of age, with an ITF ranking of 61, Sara Tomic speaks of her favourite backhand down the line and dreams of becoming World Number 1.

Last year Sara Tomic made her grand slam debut competing in the Australian Open Junior Championship. She later went on to win the Optus 14’s National Claycourt Championships in Queensland. In August, she represented Australia in the World Junior Tennis Finals in Prostejov, Czech Republic and to top off a great year, Tomic reached the final of the LTAT ITF 18’s in Thailand. Earlier this year she reached the second round of the Australian Open Junior Championship. Tomic kindly took some time out from training to answer my questions.

What made you begin to play tennis

Bernard was the reason why I decided to play tennis in the first place but the Williams sisters made me want to do tennis professionally.

What does your training involve?

My training involves about three to four hours of tennis and one hour of fitness six days a week. Sunday is normally my day off where I like to go out with friends and relax.

What is your favourite tennis shot?

My favourite shot would be my backhand down the line.

Who inspires you?

Probably my mum because she has sacrificed a lot for my family and I her whole life. I am also inspired by Bruce Lee and Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Roger Federer and my brother as well.

Who is your favourite athlete

My favorite athlete would be Serena Williams. I have always idolised her ever since I started playing tennis.

What is it like, being the younger sister of Bernard Tomic?

It’s cool I guess, you know, I get to meet all of the Top 20 players, but it does have it’s ups and downs. People see me as his sister so I am kind of in his shadow, when really I want to be my own shadow. I want to be my own person instead of being the “sister of.”

What are your dreams and aspirations for the future?

My dream is to become a professional tennis player, hopefully to be Number One [in the world]. I would love to win all of the Grand Slam Titles, although I would prefer to win Wimbledon first. My dream would also be to play with my brother in Mixed Doubles and win a Mixed Doubles Grand Slam Title.

As you don’t go to school, how do you keep up with studies and find the time to do your work?

I do distance education so basically homeschooling. It’s really fun & it is really flexible with my tennis so I can do it at any time of the day!

Tomic is currently in Bangkok, training on clay,  as she is preparing for a tournament in France in 2 weeks time. The ‘Grade 1 Junior ITF’ will be played on red clay in a little place called Nice near Monte Carlo, France.

I wish her all the best for this tournament and I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the future.

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